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What is The Procedure to Send Legal Notice for Divorce?


Divorce Procedure in India is governed by different prevalent divorce laws, and the divorce process can be initiated on the grounds provided under it. The procedure for divorce in India is almost the same for all religions but, the grounds of the divorce part. Under the divorce law, either partner can send a legal notice for Divorce to the other parties, but how to send one?

Since there is no fixed procedure to send a legal notice for divorce, so it can be sent either via registered post or can be personally tendered to him/her and I can suggest you other option which might help You. You can take some help from the legal professional team through Top Divorce Lawyer in Delhi.

Some Steps for Sending a Legal Notice for Divorce:

  • At first contact a Best divorce lawyer who has good drafting skills and technical know-how in the field of Divorce Law.
  • Send a legal notice for Divorce stating the facts and problem that are causing a disturbance in the marriage of both parties.
  • The divorce notice can be sent either in English or in any other Indian language which is spoken and understood by both the parties, although usually, English is the preferred choice for most of the educated and practical clients.

In your consulting session with the divorce lawyer, you should explain all the relevant information in details along with:

  • the names of parties involved,
  • addresses,
  • dates when commitments were made and not honored,
  • challenges and problem faced,
  • any previous attempts at dialogue etc.

Who can help you with this?

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